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ATHLISIS active wear is the perfect choice for both fitness & fashion.
Our clothing intended�s to provide a combination of esthetic, style, comfort, functionality and is designed for workouts and other athletic activities which is worn in all settings made from breathable fabrics .

ATHLISIS was established in 2020 with a vision to explore n Cover Potentials in Athleisure and Activewear.
Since everyone today need a fit n active body and for which we need a good set of Clothes which can give more confidence and comfort during their workouts .

ATHLISIS Athleisure can be defined as a category of casualwear that combines aspects of athleticwear� workout clothing focused on comfort, mobility and moisture-wicking� and streetwear� casual clothing made popular by high-fashion, social media, and pop culture.

Though athleisure uses many of the same fabrics as techwear, the two clothing styles differ slightly. While techwear prioritizes function over aesthetics, athleisure finds an equal balance between the two .

ATHLISIS Stands out due to it's Three key factors� material, fit, and functionality� define the Active athleisure styles we wear today.

ATHLISIS Active n Athleisure wear elevates itself from other casual and athletic clothing through a superior fit n Designs.
Streamlined silhouettes draw attention to the body and give off athleisure�s signature just left the gym look.
By wearing well-fitting clothing that flatters your body, you�ll appear more put together.

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Cotton , Organic cotton , Recycled fabrics , Polyester , Nylon , Performance fabrics , Lycra
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We have a team of skilled designers and other associated workforce, who dedicatedly work towards providing flawless range of Active n Athleisure wear.
Our Team help us in delivering our range in beautifully finished patterns to meet the requirements of our clients