Tradyl's Debut at the Global Sourcing Expo, Melbourne: A Dive into Fashion

Tradyl's Debut at the Global Sourcing Expo, Melbourne: A Dive into Fashion

Against the backdrop of the Australian summer, Tradyl made its debut at the Global Sourcing Expo (GSE) in Melbourne, Australia, from November 21-23. Our team not only basked in the warmth of the Southern Hemisphere but also unveiled our latest collection at GSE—a harmonious ode to the boundless depths of the ocean, capturing the true essence of Australian summers. 

The GSE was a blend of business and insights for Team Tradyl. It served as a great meeting ground for manufacturers worldwide to connect with Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) buyers from Australia. The event was more than just a platform for commerce; it was an enlightening experience with informative seminars featuring keynote speakers. Tradyl's team engaged in meaningful interactions with buyers, delving into the nuances of Australia's dynamic buying market—unraveling fabric preferences and understanding their strong inclination towards sustainability.

Embracing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in Australia

As mentioned earlier, the GSE attracted a majority of visitors comprising small shops and micro-entrepreneurs- boutique businesses, direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands, online retailers, and aspiring entrepreneurs in the fashion industry. What stood out was their enthusiasm and excitement about venturing into new businesses within the fashion space. Given that many of them were just starting their entrepreneurial journeys, they were keen on sourcing lower quantities from manufacturers like us.

Since Tradyl primarily focuses on assisting buyers in procuring smaller quantities, our interaction with them was highly rewarding. Engaging with these localities provided insights into the vibrant culture of Australia, as they brought a diverse array of requirements and innovations to the table, greatly aiding our understanding of the demands of this emerging buying market.

Team Tradyl interacting with buyers who wanted to start off their businesses in the fashion space.

Sustainable Fashion in Focus

Australia's dedication to sustainability shone brightly at the GSE. Buyers had great awareness of sustainable practices, with numerous inquiries focused on innovative fabrics and eco-friendly solutions. The event's seminars reflected this heightened awareness, emphasizing the industry's collective responsibility towards sustainable fashion practices. Additionally, we had the opportunity to showcase our commitment to sustainability by presenting some of the eco-friendly materials and products, such as organic cotton and recycled cotton & polyester. The positive response to these initiatives further emphasized the growing importance of environmentally conscious choices within the fashion landscape.

Various seminars on sustainability, commerce, fashion, and more. 

Efficiency of the GSE Organization & App

The event's organization impressed us from day one, with an efficient structure and a user-friendly app. The app not only housed the event schedule and badges but also facilitated seamless networking. The badge-scanning feature allowed us to instantly connect with attendees by sending them our introductory emails, streamlining the networking process. This experience enabled us to focus on interacting with the buyers rather than struggling to obtain their details. Furthermore, the event demonstrated excellent organization, providing stall owners with clear instructions regarding setup, arrival dates, app details, and all necessary information well in advance.

From left to right: Shweta Agrawal (Founder of Tradyl), Marie Kinsella, (CEO of the International Exhibition & Conference Group), and Varun Kotwal (Lead for Fashion Sourcing at Tradyl)


India-Australia Partnership: A Forging Bond

The event also echoed the strengthening ties between India and Australia, as the two countries embraced a free trade agreement. This landmark agreement opens up new market access opportunities for businesses and consumers in both countries to thrive. This definitely helps businesses like Tradyl to expand in a dynamic buying market like Australia. Discussions revolved around fostering trade, culminating in a special announcement from the Textile Minister of India about the upcoming Bharat Tex event in February 2024. Learn more about this exciting partnership in the video below!

Mr. Rohit Kansal (Additional Secretary, Ministry of Textile, Government of India) announcing all details regarding the Bharat Tex 2024. 


Melbourne’s Appreciation: MCEC and the City's Charm

A special shoutout to the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and the city of Melbourne itself. Beyond being impeccably organized, Melbourne's public transport system left an indelible mark on our experience. In addition to the efficient transportation, the culinary scene was also outstanding, with a special appreciation for the vegetarian options catering to Indian preferences!

Entrance of the MCEC

Sea La Vie: Tradyl's Ode to the Ocean

Tradyl's presence at the GSE was also to unveil our latest collection, Sea La Vie. We have all had those moments when we stand on the beach and we can't help but daydream about the eccentric beauty of the flora and fauna. This connection to the sea is what inspired our latest collection, bringing to life the essence of the ocean through a stunning array of prints, silhouettes, and colors. It was a wonderful opportunity to showcase our collection to Australian buyers, providing them with a glimpse of Tradyl's capabilities.

Team Tradyl with the 'Sea La Vie' collection


As the curtains closed at the GSE, Tradyl’s Team walked out with a lot of aspirations. The event not only provided a platform for commerce but also showcased the entrepreneurial spirit of Australia's fashion landscape. The GSE became more than just an expo—it served as a space where connections were made, lessons were learned, and bridges were built towards future collaborations.



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