Western Fashion Trends Sticking Around in 2024

Western Fashion Trends Sticking Around in 2024

As we dive head first into the new year, it is the best time to take stock of your wardrobe collection to check on the pieces of clothing that are bordering on dated, those that can be restyled or reinvented, and understand what pieces of clothing you need to add to your collection. This year, we expect to see a continuation of ‘90s-inspired wardrobes infused with collegiate prep, as well as some surprising moments of inspiration - think grandpa, and retro femininity.

In this blog, lets decode the signals all set to define men's and women’s fashion in 2024, offering a glimpse into the dynamic future of clothing.

Men's Apparel Style Trends in 2024

Men’s style trends currently favor the more relaxed, less fussy. The style recommendations for men in this blog possess a timeless quality. Fashion choices should never be solely dictated by trends as those who adhere to them strictly, end up lacking originality. The following suggestions offer timeless and generalized style tips for men to wear this year. Read on:


Straight Leg, Relaxed jeans

Tight jeans are reminiscent of what dominated jeans shelves around a decade ago. We recommend a slim or straight relaxed fit throughout the leg that gives breathing space as well as allows for a more stylish silhouette.


Athleisure Wear

The athleisure trend evolves in 2024, offering a more refined and elegant aesthetic. Athleisure for men as a fashion choice has standardized casual activewear with joggers, shorts, and t-shirts that accentuate one’s body while creating a fashion statement. Tailored joggers, trackpants, upscale sneakers, t-shirts, and athleisure-inspired blazers redefine the boundaries between comfort and sophistication. Whether heading to the office or enjoying a weekend outing, men can effortlessly embrace the versatility of athleisure that seamlessly transitions from day to night.


Bomber Jackets

A leather biker jacket is unquestionably timeless. However, biker jackets have turned too commonplace – we are not suggesting you donate your biker jacket, but maybe retire it for a while. Instead, give the versatile, leather bomber jacket a try. A stylish bomber has the same classic essence as a biker jacket but conveys a more mature and refined aesthetic look, and is just as cool. 


Unstructured Jackets with Texture

A tailored blazer is an important element in a guy's wardrobe and its versatility and fit are crucial for any situation that needs tailoring. A stiff, padded, and lined blazer gives the impression that one has simply taken a suit jacket to pair with jeans and chinos. Instead, select an unlined and unstructured blazer. They are refined, no fuss, and mold to your body better, as well as pair well with anything, from trousers to chinos to jeans. 


Chambray Shirt

Dress shirts are crucial to a man’s wardrobe; however, excessive patterns like diamonds or paisley are an eyesore. Plaids and fain stripes, however, are tasteful and timeless. A simple chambray shirt exudes effortless style that can complement a knit tie as well as a casual denim. It is a modest, yet versatile choice, making it the perfect go-to collared shirt in your wardrobe. Less is often more.

Women's Apparel Style Trends in 2024

The future of fashion for women unfurls with a charming mix of elegance, comfort, and style. The must-have appearances for women this year show a shift towards reliable and comfortable options along with a modern appeal. So, let us dive into the top fashion trends of 2024 for women. Read on:


Grandpa Chic

It’s officially time to bid adieu to coastal grandma and instead pave way for a new icon: eclectic grandpa. “Think retro streetwear, oversized cardigans and customized clothing. “Grandpa style prioritizes comfort and functionality. Pairing oversized vintage sports garments with a comfortable pair of jeans, and a pop of gold for a little low-key glamour, is the easiest way to put together a casual grandpa-inspired outfit. 


Cargo Pants

The hip-hop trend mainly highlights cosy clothing, such as loose-fitting and bulky clothes that let you breathe effortlessly. This fashion trend includes track jackets, big graphic T-shirts, and oversized cargo pants. 


Power Dressing - Pant Suits for Women

Women's fashion in 2024 is characterized by empowered silhouettes and a revival of power dressing. Strong shoulders, structured blazers, and tailored dresses create a sense of authority and confidence. The emphasis on power dressing reflects a desire for women to express strength and resilience through their attire, making a bold statement in professional and personal spheres.  


Bold Colored Tops and Tees

Capsule dressing will be a popular trend in 2024, with updated basics in crisp neutrals such as black, gray, camel, and white. These are accented by pops of color, the most popular being millennial pink (yes, it reigns), lavender purple, canary yellow, and pistachio green grounded by deep navy. Refresh your existing wardrobe by adding a pop color tee or blouse to your neutral look, or you could also choose to make a bold statement by dressing head to toe in one color. 


Fringe Tops/Dresses/Skirts

Tassels and fringe were style essentials in 2023, and designers are eagerly reinventing this fad for 2024, bringing exciting new perspectives to the fringe phenomenon. We are glad to see designers such as Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Mugler, Burberry, and Tom Ford have incorporated the fringe style in their collection for the spring and summer collection of 2024. Go all in and indulge in some fringe skirts, jackets, tops or even dresses to exude some chic style.


Sustainability remains an essential crucial focus, highlighting the industry's commitment to ethical practices and environmental responsibility. Whether you are navigating the professional arena with empowered silhouettes or trying to make a bold statement with sustainable glamour, the fashion trends of 2024 invite people to explore and celebrate their unique styles while favouring a more sustainable and inclusive fashion future. Fashion in 2024 is not just about clothing and trends; it is a canvas for innovation, self-expression, and a reflection of the evolving values and aspirations of society.

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Western Fashion Trends Sticking Around in 2024

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