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Bengaluru , Tirupur


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Men's Clothing


We established in the year of 2018, has been conceptualized to represent the people to express themselves, indulge in freedom and set on style. An elegant collection of apparel that challenges the established fashion trends and norms. Our products are inspiring by the people around us. Through changing the fashion trends our commitment to an exceptional level of quality, comfort, service and support will remain constant. The world has made the transition from sedate future. Wearing WHOEVER outfitters doesn't make look like you more out of above that make you feel comfortable too.

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Cotton , Denim , Lycra
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Sewing Machines
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Bengaluru , Tirupur

More About Us

As an entrepreneur, I think of finding a solution to the problem. If certain products could be a much needed solution to the existing problem then it is eventually going to be a profitable venture. My passion towards garmenting was a part reason for launching a brand which is connected to the industry whilst catering to the mass. The idea was born out when I couldn't find a better collection with aggressive price range. This and then started the hustle to source the right kind of material and deliver the products exactly like I had envisioned it. The fabric is comfortable and stretchable while being stylish at the same time. It took a long time of 3 years to ideate and experiment and eventually was born.